West Texas Land for Sale
Antelope Acre Estates

910-K E. Redd Rd #244, El Paso, TX 79912
(800) 418-3015 or (915) 585-2000


Antelope Acres has west Texas land for sale, ten acre tracts just 52 miles east of El Paso . Take a minute and find out why we think Antelope Acres offers the best land for sale opportunity that you can find.

What is the soil like? Is it just sand?Map showing location of A Estates

No, the soil is definitely not sand. During the summer rains ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES is alive with grass and desert flowers. The land is fertile, although the closer to the mountains it is rocky.

What do you mean by the term "community well"?

We have drilled a deep well, 550 feet, which is an excellent source of cool, clear water. This water is available to all ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES residents, on a haul-yourself basis.

How about the climate?

Month High Low Rainfall Month High Low Rainfall
January 56 29 0.40 July 96 68 1.54
February 62 34 0.40 August 94 67 1.58
March 70 40 0.29 September 87 62 1.70
April 79 48 0.20 October 78 50 0.76
May 87 57 0.25 November 66 38 0.44
June 96 66 0.67 December 58 31 0.57

How far is ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES from the highway?

This is a good question. Often reasonably priced, large tracts of land are a long way from any paved road. However, ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES Phase I is located adjacent to the highway, with the corner of one tract actually bordering on Highway 62/180, and Phase II is approximately one mile from the highway.

How big is 10 acres? Picture of the mountains located just past Texas land. The SierraTinaja Pinta rise to approximately  5600 feet

To put it in perspective, you can picture it as square feet. Ten acres is approximately 440,000 square feet. Just about enough to get lost on.

In the contract it says that I must pay at least $2,500.00 before I can move on my land. Why?

This requirement is as much to protect you as it is to protect us. It has been our experience that people who make a commitment to their land make the best residents and neighbors, a commitment that says, "Yes, I have an investment in this property and I intend to take care of that investment." A commitment of $2,500 is, in most cases, considerably less then the down payment for a small city lot.

What do you mean electricity is available?

We have run electricity down every road. The electricity company in this area is Rio Grande Coop. We have discussed the installation costs with with the General Manager, please see the attached letter.

Is there a penalty if I pay off the mortgage early?

No, you can pay for the land in full at any time or you can make payments for the duration of the contract. The choice is yours.

How do I find out more about the area?

You may want to take a look at the following website links:   Guadalupe Mountains National Park,   Carlsbad Caverns,   and   El Paso, Texas,.

Is it possible to see a map of ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES?

Yes, just take a look at maps.

What if I have further questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time, by telephone -- at (800) 418-3015 or (915) 585-2000-- or by email -- at aestates@elp.rr.com.

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