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High Desert Land - 10 Acre Tracts for Sale

Take a minute and read why we believe that Antelope Acre Estates represents the best overall West Texas land investment you can make!
bladed road with elec

Water is available from our community well.   This means drilling your own well, which can be a very costly propostion, is not necessary.   Our residents have a 250- to 500-gallon water tank mounted on a trailer.   The tank is filled from the well and water is then transferred directly from the tank to their home.  Refilling the tank is just a matter of driving over to the community well.   The availability of water makes it viable to live on Antelope Acre Estates.
Land for sale near Sierra Tinaja Pinta

is available to each ten acre tract. This means city comforts at your fingertips, without the expense of having the electric company run a line to your property (which can be greater than $10,000 per mile).   The availability of electricity helps make the land a comfortable place to live.

Too often you can purchase a piece of land located “just off the highway and two miles north down the dirt road, turn left at the big cactus, go another half mile, and you are there” which can be a rough journey and which provides little assurance that you are even on your own property.   Not so with our land.   Roads are kept in good shape and graded on a regular basis.   All tracts can be easily reached and located, some very close to the highway, some further from the highway.  See our maps.

Approximately 60 miles of good highway takes you to the outskirts of El Paso, where you will find a large supermarket and a WalMart Super Center, gasoline and fast food.   El Paso is a major city, offering all the amenities, including a minor league baseball team.

Mountain views are there for your enjoyment from all over the ranch, with Sierra Tinaja Pinta, Cerro Diablo and the Guadalupe Mountains.   To view four seasons photos taken from the land please click here.

Total cost for 10 acres of land is $12,500.   Down payment of $500.   Financing at 6% interest.   Monthly payments of only $120!

No Credit Checks! No Qualifying!

QUESTIONS?? Call us toll free at (800) 418-3015

10 acres not enough land??
Look at our   20 acre   tracts
$20,000 with electricity and use of the community well.

Please take the time to read all the information below, including the contract (a link is provided), and to contact us by telephone -- at (800) 418-3015

To read comments from several Antelope Acre Estates land owners, click here

Antelope Acre Estates

Discover the peaceful beauty and solitude of high desert living. Hike or backpack across miles of marked mountain trails. Enjoy the wealth of amenities and services a flourishing city can offer. Country? Or city? No need to choose at ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES.

Sierra Tinaja Pinta

Only 30 minutes from Guadalupe Mountains National Park, ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES is a gateway to a natural world of upland meadows and ponderosa forests, of deer and elk and clear running water.

Just 52 miles east of El Paso, Texas, ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES offers ready access to the richness of this West Texas city: shopping and sightseeing, restaurants and theaters, museums and concert halls, major hospitals and health-related services, an international airport and state university, Fort Bliss and Biggs Field.

Guadalupe National Park

ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES, at an elevation of 4,200 feet, is a natural habitat for antelope, dove, quail, jackrabbits and an abundance of other small wildlife. This high desert grassland has been divided into ten-acre parcels, complete with free use of the community well and with electricity and telephone available.

Cerro Diablo


What is the soil like? Is it just sand?

No, the soil is definitely not sand. During the summer rains ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES can be alive with grass and desert flowers. The land is fertile, but rocky. Some of the residents in the area have very nice gardens, both flower and vegetable.

What do you mean by the term "community well"?

We have drilled a deep well, 550 feet, which is the source of water for the community well. This water is available to all ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES residents, on a haul-yourself basis.

How about the climate?

Month High Low Rainfall Month High Low Rainfall
January 56 29 0.40 July 96 68 1.54
February 62 34 0.40 August 94 67 1.58
March 70 40 0.29 September 87 62 1.70
April 79 48 0.20 October 78 50 0.76
May 87 57 0.25 November 66 38 0.44
June 96 66 0.67 December 58 31 0.57

How far is ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES from the highway?

This is a good question. Often reasonably priced, large tracts of land are a long way from any paved road. However, ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES Phase I is adjacent to the highway, with the corner of one tract actually bordering on Highway 62/180, and Phase II is approximately one mile from the highway. Phase III is approximately 2 miles off of the highway on bladed roads. Area maps are on our web site or click here area maps

How big is 10 acres?

To put it in perspective, you can picture it as square feet. Ten acres is approximately 440,000 square feet. Just about big enough to get lost on.

In the contract (click on "contract" to view contract) it says that I must pay at least one quarter of the total price before I can move on my land. Why?

This requirement is as much to protect you as it is to protect us. It has been our experience that people who make a commitment to their land make the best residents and neighbors, a commitment that says, "Yes, I have an investment in this property and I intend to take care of that investment." A commitment of approximately $2,400 is, in most cases, considerably less then the down payment for a small city lot.

What do you mean electricity is available?

There is electricity along the road to each ten acre parcel lot line.

Is there a penalty if I pay off the mortgage early?

No. You can pay for the land in full at any time or you can make payments for the duration of the contract. The choice is yours.

What are the yearly taxes?

Approximately forty dollars a year.

How do I find out more about the area?

You may want to take a look at the following website links: Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Is it possible to see a map of ANTELOPE ACRE ESTATES?

Yes, just take a look at area maps.

What if I have further questions?

Please feel free to contact us at any time, by telephone -- at (800) 418-3015 or (915) 585-2000-- or by email -- at aestates@elp.rr.com

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